Gunung Bromo Indonesia

Gunung Bromo Indonesia

Gunung Bromo IndonesiaGunung Bromo – Mount Bromo is one of the best volcano mountain in East Java. another volcano mountain near Gunung Bromo  is Kawah IJen. Bromo is located in the midle of East Java surounded with 4 Sub District or Regencies, namely Probolinggo, Pasurian, Malang and Lumajang.

High of Gunung Bromo or Mount Bromo is 2. 392 meters in height above sea level. Familiar with the stunning of Bromo Sunrise which can see from the peak of Mt Penanjakan. This amazing sunrise is become tourist destinations, another tourist destination between sunrise and crater is Savana and whispering sand (pasir berbisik). And the vistors can see and interaction with Suku Tengger (Tengger Tribe), Who is the local people native at Mt Bromo and surounding . They live at Sukapura, Ngadisari, Cemoro Lawang Village and Ngadas. SUku Tengger famous with Yadya Kasada Ceremony and festival seeking blessing from the Almighty to acquire abundant harvest and far from the disaster and disease

Route to Gunung Bromo Indonesia :

– Jakarta – Surabaya – Probolinggo district – Cemorolawang Village – Mount Bromo
– Jakart – Surabaya – Pasuruan district – Wonokitri Village – Mount Bromo
– Jakarta – Malang District – Ngadas Village – Mount Bromo
– Lumajang district – Burno Village – Mount Bromo

The best time to visit Gunung Bromo is dry season between month Mei – October.